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The catch up (From J)

Hello again.

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted that we’d been taking some ‘personal time off’ (Read as: We’re busy with real life) and that we’d be posting more soon?

I might have lied.

Life is still playing havoc with our time. But, with all the cool stuff happening with my gaming world, I figured I’d bite the bullet and write something about what I’ve been up to in the last few months…

Played a ton of demos. Say what you want about PSN, the demos are flowing in like no one’s business. The good: Brutal Legend  is fun and very smart. Double Fine did a great job so far and it seems that this is going to be a big game for them. Jack Black is very tolerable and is really funny in his role as….himself. Looking to pick this up. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is also continuing the win streak of getting a better ninja game after the fact. Again, the demo unlocks more content with every play through, like the first demo for NGS. Making it a favorite of people that can’t buy games as often as they used to. The combat is more of the same smooth, cut your arms off, crazy crap that you should be used to by now. The boss fight towards the end of the demo is pretty crazy. I felt like buying the game after playing it a few times.

More good: picked up the first of the Fallout 3 DLC FINALLY on PS3, Broken Steel. It’s great, as you already know. The Broken Steel story is longer then I thought and at one point, got so hard, I thought I was going to throw my controller across the room. The subway fight is the worst, most frustrating sequence in a game that I’ve played in a long time. It was still worth getting to start back in to a game that really is deep and expansive.  Also, finding three different flamethrowers is awesome for someone like me that seems to enjoy setting people on fire alittle too much at times.

Finally bought Trash Panic and Shatter. Both awesome, addictive games with quirky gameplay and wonderful soundtrack. Even if Trash Panic is the hardest fucking game I’ve ever played, I still love playing it. Shatter is another way for companies to get my money. Keep making Arkaniod games, guys and I’ll keep buying them. Between Shatter and Magic Ball, I should be doing an all ball returning game weekend. I love that stuff.

Speaking of stuff I love, I got into the Uncharted 2 Beta, and later the public demo/beta. Both times, I really couldn’t believe that this game was getting so much love from the gaming press and other news outlets. It’s still Uncharted. The gun play and scaling are back along with multiplayer. I mean, I came from a time, 2007 to be exact, where the thought of a PS3 game being good was something of a internet punchline. Now Uncharted 2 seems to be, many people think, the hands down, game of the year. What a difference two years can make. Looking forward to the showdown of Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2 and ODST fighting for GotY honors.

Been replaying all of my old games since money is tight and there are so many games coming in the next three to four months that I’m not going to have money for. Replaying Uncharted, Bioshock, Lumines Supernova, Zen Pinball, Fallout 3, (this time as the evil guy) and Wipeout HD is reminding me how much I love gaming. Planning on busting out some more trophies on these games, as well as Shatter and Marvel Vs Capcom 2.

In other news, I just got Diablo 2 like it’s the year 2000. Always up with the times. More on this when I get started. All you need to know is that I’ve always wanted to play this game, but never had the computer processing power to run it and with my type of gaming personality, I was afraid of the game destroying my life. But with 134 hours in Fallout 3 (not including the times that I had to start over  due to being trapped somewhere or erasing my save to start over with trophies)  and a embarrassing 481 hours in Oblivion, I think I’ll be ok playing a 9 years old game. More when it develops.

That’s all for now. More soon. Really this time………mabye.



I’m in the Uncharted 2 beta…..

With me taking the State Medical board test, I missed Nintendo’s press conference and almost missed Sony’s, but I got done early and caught the whole thing. It was awesome! I’ll follow up on the cons later. One of the highlights was Uncharted 2. The demo was really cool and made me hyped to get the game. One of the things that Jack Trentton mentioned was that the Uncharted 2 online beta was starting tonight at midnight. Sweet deal. And guess who’s in?

More on the beta when I get home.



Fat Princes beta: first hour impressions

Note: I hit this up a few days ago. I tightened some parts up and I’m posting it up from here in Seattle, en route to Hawaii. Check it out and I’ll be back next week with more fun.

As I dropped earlier, I was able to get into the Fat Princess beta test. I’m good like that, I guess, seeing that this is my fifth beta I’ve participated in. But you don’t want to hear about that.

But first, a description of the game. From Wikipedia:

“Fat Princess puts the player on a team consisting of up to 32 male and female cartoon characters, with the main goal in the game to rescue their team’s princess held captive by an opposing team, although team-deathmatch and other online modes are also available. The player can choose from ten dessert-themed levels such as Coco Cliffs and Black Forest.

At the beginning of the game, each of the teams will already have their opponent’s princess held captive. In order to make their opponent’s task in rescuing her more difficult, the player can give more and more food to the princess they have captured, so that she will become fatter and heavier, and the opponent’s team will need larger number of players to carry her.

The game’s mechanics have the player control a standard 3D, cel-shaded, character at the fort, castle, or stronghold. There are five machines at the player’s fort, each producing hats. Depending on which hat gets picked up and put on, the player gets different abilities. The game consists of five classes: the mage, priest, warrior, worker and archer. Each has its own set of unique weapons and play style.”

That’s the facts. Now I will say that ever since Sony showed this game last year, we haven’t heard much about it. Something I think Sony should take to heart. Much like Killzone 2, keeping the game under wraps gives the developers more room to move and make the game, rather than constantly answering questions about why ths game will ‘save’ the PS3. The game looks really good. It runs very well with all the chaos running rampant on the battlefield. The menus, like everything in the game, are full of humor and tongue in cheek moments. There is a custom character menu, and as you play the game, more and more custom parts become available for you little avatar. Some are really funny and cool. I’ll say that a Mr.T-like mohawk should show up at some point. The backgrounds give you an idea what the game is going to play like and again, everything so far was very well laid out. There is an option to play online and to play LAN style offline. I jumped online and dove head first into the fray.

The general combat is very open ended and seems to cater to alot of different play styles. The two gametypes, Deathmatch and CTP are standard fare for the multiplayer online games, but it’s the class system that makes everything come together. The hack and slash, all in your face, on the front line type players will dig the warrior class. More background/support players will dig the priest and the archers. The key to the game is upgrading your hats, which makes the worker the backbone of the game. The fast paced nature of the game and the non-binding style of play (you are able to change classes on he fly by picking up different hats on the battlefield as well as in you castle) make for a quick and crazy game and alot of fun. If you play with flattening out anyone in your path or using strategy to break down the enemies castle doors, you’ll have a good time playing.

The blood and gore can be turned off for people sensitive about such things, but the game gets BLOODY quick. It’s a trip to see head popping off an enemy as you chuck a bomb from you upgraded worker. It starts looking like Braveheart after two or three minutes. Choke points, like a bridge in the middle of the map (only one mag in the beta so far) make the players start thinking quick about teamwork.The team that has a priest and some archers are going to fair better than the team that has nothing but warriors. I found myself, like in most online games, backing up a fellow player (that later friended me so we could play the beta more at a later date) going over said bridge in the middle of the map. Just over the bridge is a mini castle that your team can take over for points. Both teams seem to meet here to rumble. We went into it two on their four and did ok. He was a priest and I was a worker and we smacked them down, took over the mini and head over the next bridge to the enemy main castle where we were met by about eight players that completely destroyed us. Not a game to ‘go it alone’ for sure.

You get points for almost every action in the game. From getting resources for your hat machines to shooting and killing enemies to picking up the princess, it adds up and unlocks items and other goodies we’re told. It looks ripe for DLC like maps and possible new classes. It really fits into the perception that PSN has different game experiences then your arcade rehashes. It seems like this is going to be beating up the bandwidth on the Playstation Network soon.

For someone that enjoys team based online games rather all out war fragfests, Fat Princess is going to take alot of time from me. Hopefully, the trophies and challenges will be interesting provide some more ways to play the game outside people’s comfort zone. I really dig the game after an hour and I do plan on buying this one day one. Hopefully, girls don’t take this too personally. It’s campy fun. Bloody, campy fun.



I’m in the Fat Princess beta

Keeping in the tradition of me getting into Sony beta tests, (Warhawk, Home, Littlebigplanet) I just got an invite code to Titan Games much hyped multiplayer PSN exclusive. The game is downloading as we speak. I’ll try to get a few impressions up on the site before I take off for a few weeks to enjoy some R and R in Hawaii. It’s hard out there for a pimp I hear……..



BREAKING: i’m in the Resistance 2 beta!

well, when it rains, it pours. a few weeks ago, i got into the LittleBigPlanet beta…..for three days. it was fun, but it was for three days. i’ve gotten into other betas (warhawk and home…..for better of worse) with plenty of time to jump in and dick around with it. i just would have liked to play around there. oh well. next week for me.

in the meantime, the resistance 2 beta opened up to us mere mortals and after work, i checked my email and i’m in. i’m currently dl’ing the app, so in a few days, i’ll have more on the good fight. until then, check out the new resistance 2 website. it looks alot like bungie’s site. that’s not a bad thing, really.



My (brief) LittleBigPlanet impressions

i played the fuck out of the LBP beta. for three days, i played most of the player created levels and i can clearly say that this game is every bit of the system seller that people are making it out to be. granted that i didn’t get to start my “ice climbers from hell” level, (i’ll write about that later, possibly with illustrations) but seeing the levels that people have made, i’m floored by the scope of the designs. the remaking of other games that i’ve seen (silent hill, GTA4, resident evil to name a few. you’ve likely seen the shadow of the colossus level) is nothing short of an epic win.

the simple interface is likely to not bury new gamers in alot of menus. the opening is very well done and the tutorial is one of the most interesting ways to walk new players through the ins and outs of the game. i liked that the walkthrough levels weren’t too long that you started getting antsy, wondering “when am i going to get the level making part?” it’s paced very well. and again, if the levels that were made in the beta are any indication of the stuff you can make in the game, i can’t wait to see the community surrounding the game blow the fuck up.

in a holiday season where the two hardcore based gaming companies (aka the losers) are softening up their outlook a tad to cut into some of that nintendo money. microsoft’s approach isn’t bad, it just seems out of place for the people who they marketed the system to in the first place. the 360 is suppose to be the anti-wii console, right? now, in November, you can have a simpler, if not XMB-like interface and deformed versions of master chief and the gears of war guys dancing around in the corner of your games when you get an achievement. (i’m guessing)

where as sony seems to have a better way to bridge the gap to the big black monolith: a game that, at it’s basis, is a game that’s aimed at kids, but can be as complex as you want it to be. and with the community tools sounding like it will rival bungie’s support of the halo games and being made with pop in/pop out off and online mutliplayer, this game is going to have legs. despite how many people keep trying to write off the PS3, this is going to be a really great time to have/buy one. and LBP is a big reason for that.

for even more info, as if you didn’t know almost everything about it, go to media molecule’s website.


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