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Release dates galore on PS3

Damn! Alot of PS3 software is coming soon. Release dates for Fat Princess (this Thursday, July 30th for $14.99) Uncharted 2, now coming out Oct 13th, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will be launching September 29, 2009. Big games this fall for sure. Alot of stuff jumping in before COD: MW2 come in and completely flattens out everything.

I wonder how the Live on 360 will hold up between ODST and MW2 being played at the same time?


The best E3 trailers: Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Well, 360 owners finally have MGS on their console. But it’s not MGS4 like people thought. It’s the next MGS game starring our favorite cyber-ninja, Raiden. It didn’t show alot, but come on. It’s MGS. It’ll be great. And in case you were wondering, yes, it IS coming out on PS3 as well. Don’t get your hopes up on stealing any Sony’s exclusives this year.



The best E3 trailers: Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead is doing pretty good for 360/PC zombie killers. So Valve is dropping another one this Fall. It’s odd that Valve would make a whole new L4D rather then make more DLC for the game they have out already. Guess we’re going to have to wait longer Half-Life 2:Ep 3…….



Bioshock 2 looks fucking awesome! (for lack of a better word)

I liked Bioshock. Alot. So when word came out about a sequel, I was all about it. And then, when they dropped that it would be coming to PS3 day and date, I was subsequently more happy. But, as the internet does, worry started to set in. Did Bioshock really need a sequel? Why does Bioshock 2 have mulitplayer? (and a question I want answered as well.) What is it going to look like? Well, thanks to, we now know the answer to that question. Fucking awesome!

The atmosphere is still there from the 2 minute clip shown on the tv show. (and on the website as well) Following the Big Sister down blood stained hallways until you get to a huge room with a glass window. The next thing you know, she’s cutting the glass and you’re being crushed under a ton on rushing water. That’s all I needed to see. I’m sold. Let’s hope that we see more of this game soon and that it doesn’t take a wrong turn somewhere. That would be a shame.

Check out the video for yourself.



Dee Jay and T. Hawk Gone in SF4 but not Forgotten!

I haven’t posted in awhile as I’ve had the blahs so bad; blahs that I’m happy to report have been cured by my recent purchase of Street Fighter IV. I even sprung for the Collector’s Edition (which is now going on Amazon for $129—sheesh!). It’s a great game and I plan to post impressions as soon as I get past what to say besides “It’s a lot like playing Street Fighter II, but newer, fresh and different somehow,” and “that last boss Seth guy is cheaper than any SNK boss ever. And what kind of name is ‘Seth’ for a final boss anyway?!?”

In the meantime, you may recall the brief article we did on SFIV’s full lineup, where we reported that the whole Super Street Fighter II Championship Edition gang would be there…except T. Hawk and Dee Jay. It seems these characters, one an apparently unwanted Mexican and the other the only Street Fighter created by an American (and thus presumably uncool to Japanese developers) had no place in the annals of new Street Fighter IV glory. Then again, maybe they did…and still might!

IGN has the goods from a recent Famitsu interview with SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono, who revealed that 3D models of both Dee Jay and T. Hawk were created for Street Fighter IV originally and the development team actually spent time working out how T. Hawk would fight in the new game. No reason was given for the fact the pair were ultimately left out, but Ono claims that if there’s enough demand from the fans, they may be added at a later time—though did not specify how (presumably through DLC for the home versions). Ono also hinted that if there’s enough user support there will be a Championship Edition of the game; no details were given on what that might include (more characters? Other modes? An excuse to re-live the multitude of Street Fighter II rehashes?).

So fans, it’s up to us. What are you waiting for? Start emailing Capcom, posting on their boards and others’ message boards and demanding these two characters on your own blogs! Their exclusion defies reason and they deserve to kick butt right alongside SFIV characters new and old! Get to it! We want Dee Jay and T. Hawk and we want them now!



New Xbox Experience Initial Impressions

Well, I’ve spent a few hours this afternoon just dicking around with the NXE, and I have mixed feelings about it. First off, I was greeted by a new Terms of Service agreement, which I earnestly tried to read in full. However, it was FOREVER LONG, and I ended up just skimming the parts I thought were important. Then there was a little animated video of flowers blooming, race cars racing and a giant (yet thin) mountain growing and spawning the 360 logo. Oooookaaaaay…. I thought there was some instructional video once you booted up NXE, but I think this was it. Then it was off to pick a starting point avatar. After that, I had to leave for an obligation I had made earlier (getting through the ToS took waaaaaaaaaay longer than I thought).

Coming back later in the afternoon, I booted up again and tweaked my avatar to make it look a bit like me. While there’s way more customization than Miis in terms of body parts and clothes, which is cool, I have to say (for now) I still prefer Miis. Making Miis you can rotate and move around facial features on them to make some cool (and twisted) stuff. Plus, sometimes simple is better. Still, I did like reading that Microsoft will be adding more clothes, for free (it looks like at least) in the coming weeks and months.

After that I joined a Party with my buddy Mike and Dustin’s fiancé, Rose. I guess Parties allow up to 8 people to chat together, even across different games. It also shows all your avatars together on your friends’ list, all of whom are also represented by their avatars, and the avatars of people they’re partying with…interesting. The three of us basically chatted about what we thought of NXE, and Mike gave us detailed Left 4 Dead impressions (which it doesn’t look like I’m getting this week). There is of course the ability to watch Netflix movies from your queue on your console right away, though I’m not a Netflix member so no big whup to me.

Instead of blades of old, they have several different menus that scroll vertically, each with small picture boxes of the different things you can do, which scroll horizontally. It’s a lot more to deal with, and a little less user friendly. There are also several more advertisements. The upside is that there is a Events menu that advertises several upcoming events on Live; this will definitely increase the presence and strength of the Xbox Live community, which I think is good.

Hitting the giant “X circle” in the center of the controller brings up pretty much the same things, though a “quick launch” has been added to where you can fire up your arcade games right away (maybe console too, wasn’t sure how that worked unless the game was in the tray). Audio and video menus are similar to the old ones, which made me happy.

One thing I especially didn’t like was that the Batman theme I paid for awhile back was obstructed by over half the screen covered with the top of a giant grey circle. What the fuck! I don’t understand why; is it supposed to be ground for my avatar to stand on? Mike, Rose and I all agreed this was a gyp. Another problem is that it seems you can’t share music anymore; however, there is a channel called “Photo Party” where you can share pictures with people in your party. This worked for me at first, but I got disconnected, and as more friends joined our party, it was impossible for me to reconnect. When I did, I was separate from the group and couldn’t see their pictures or added any of my own. This seemed to be a problem in several other aspects of NXE, with network errors popping up for several functions. I don’t think it’s bugs in the system, it’s more likely just due to probably every Xbox Live account fucking around with NXE like I was today.

It’s new, and different, but increasingly less exciting to me. Microsoft is trying to do some cool things here and that’s great, but until network traffic slows a bit and I figure out all the ins and outs, I’m still lukewarm on it all. Rose pointed out that after it’s no longer new, it may not seem that special. I dunno, only time will tell… Either way, I guess it’s what we’ve got now.



Change Abound & the New Xbox Experience!

As many of you know (and have probably already downloaded), the New Xbox Experience hit early this morning. Honestly, I have yet to download it. Part of it is that I had to finish my last bit of school for the quarter by turning in a revised short story & having a conference (plus coffee and chit chat) with my teacher. The other part of it is that I’m resistant to change, and I want Maureen to be up when I make said change.

“Do I have to make an Xbox Mii?” Maureen asked me last night. I told her of course not. Unfortunately, the Mii rip-off aspect, plus the Netflix feature, are about the only things I know about for the NXE. I’m sure there is lots of new features, and I plan to post impressions later today. I just hope they’re good improvements, and not a lot of unnecessary bells & whistles.

Meanwhile, the change I am excited about is being out of school and having lots more time to play games over the next five weeks or so. I’m hoping I’m able to get Left 4 Dead on Friday, and in the meantime I plan on beating No More Heroes, I’ve only two more ranked assassins before I’m #1 (though a friend who beat it told me I may not be as close to the ending as I think I am). I’ll also have more time to post on the blog, which I’m thrilled about. I’m looking forward to when Dustin wraps up his quarter and can post (and hang out) more. I’m excited by the possibility that J might get an Xbox 360 for Xmas, because believe me, if you knew him and how much shit he’s talked about the system, then you’d see the chance of him getting one a sign that Hell is freezing over (actually, Hell will freeze over if J gets a Wii). Speaking of the Wii, I plan on doing a holiday guide for new Wii owners to list some of the better games, at the request of one of my friends who is a reader and just got a Wii.

So yeah, big day for change. It’s a lot colder; there’s a little snow on the ground. But with the season change comes the holidays, new games, and a couple meals where it’s totally cool to eat too much. Plus the end of the year, and a start of a new one where George W. Bush is no longer in the White House, and Barack Obama will be. Change is good.


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