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Castle Crashers Coming to PSN

I may be in the minority when I say that I don’t really care about content coming and not coming to certain consoles. Sure, it sucks that PS3 owners get the proverbial finger alot of the time on the DLC end of things, but on the game side it’s usually a business deal that is never going to change. But the downloadable games front is different in small teams don’t get alot of the respect and money for their games and seem to get passed over for bigger, higher profile titles. Therefor, you don’t see much exclusive games on the downloadable front. Take the announcement of previous 360 exclusive Castle Crashers coming to PSN soon. The game did well, but wasn’t without it’s problems. The game still looks fun and I had been pushed to play it despite not having a 360. NO word on if the PSN version will follow alot of current trends and add DLC into the package upon re-release.

It’s things like this I’d like to see more of. If we have to have multiple consoles,
(which we will for a long. long time) at least game makers can play both sides of the fence and drop their games on both, if not all current consoles. If you haven’t seen the game, here’s the Comic Con trailer. Hopefully, some developers here about this and get the hint that a big slice of gamers would like to play some games that they can’t at the moment.


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